Pirates of the Burning Sea (2008)

T d chiu 01 fisherman
T d chiu 02 iguana 01
T d chiu 03 screenshots 09
T d chiu 0004 mermaid 02 copy
T d chiu 05 screenshots 01
T d chiu 0007 girls
T d chiu 14 screenshots 08
T d chiu 10 screenshots 06
T d chiu 11 screenshots 03
T d chiu 12 screenshots 07
T d chiu 13 pigs
T d chiu pistolier 01 b copy
T d chiu mnpc b 001 concept
T d chiu girl 04 c copy 2
T d chiu mnpc n 003 concept
T d chiu mnpc n 003
T d chiu witch 08 b copy
T d chiu witch 08 copy
T d chiu 0003 atlantian 01 copy
T d chiu skeleton copy
T d chiu 0009 witch 05 b copy
T d chiu witch 01 copy
T d chiu witch 02 copy
T d chiu witch 04 b copy
T d chiu sharkenator
T d chiu 17 adventurer gentleman copy

From here on are concepts for a possible project that has similarity with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (and Lady).

T d chiu skeleton 02 copy
T d chiu doctor copy
T d chiu 18 monstrosity 01 copy
T d chiu 19 monstrosity 01 copy close u
T d chiu 20 monstrosity sketch
T d chiu 24 vampire copy 2

Flying Lab Software was my foot in the door. From the opportunity of internship, and as my first Job out of a trade school, called AIS. I had a great opportunity to work with what were once my fellow students that taught me 3d game art and the production behind it, and had the great opportunity to work beside each other professionally to work on this great ship-battle game called Pirates of the Burning Sea. I got the opportunity to model/texture, design avatars and NPC's. Big thank you to what was once, Flying Lab Software.